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Past Exhibition: Echoed States

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

This 10 piece series examines the viewer’s projected emotions on the nude female figure. By limiting the viewers field of vision and expanding the color palette across the series, each figure is rendered emotionally ambiguous, allowing the viewer to determine the state of each individual by drawing from their own inner states.

Ridgway based artist, Shannon Dean, has been an oil painter for many years. She first began to hone her skills alongside her grandfather, then moved on to pursue a formal education and career in the arts. Her subject matter focuses mainly on the female figure with a tendency toward expressionistic ideals and ambiguous personages. She sees the female form as the ideal subject to display a range of emotions as well as beauty in the form of serpentine curves and soft folds. Through her work she strives to present the viewer with questions rather than answers, often allowing them to find meaning through their own personal experiences and reactions to the work.

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