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Past Exhibition: Color, A Mixed Media Show: Kane Scheidegger

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Artist Bio:

Hello, my name is Kane Scheidegger. I am a landscape and ski photographer based out of Telluride/

Ridgway Colorado. I specialize in larger than life images that capture Mother Nature’s most striking moments. My images are printed on large canvas (like 4ft x 8ft) to bring the viewer a real life experience.

Most images are large panoramics taken throughout the world with a focus on Southwest Colorado,

where I call home. During the spring and summer months I am hiking and camping in the alpine to

capture our Earth’s most magnificent moments. As fall rolls around you can find my searching for the

perfect aspen grove or long lost waterfall surrounding my lens with the wonderful hues of Autumn, what

a magical time of year. Winter is one of my favorite seasons as that means lots of ski days and quiet

skins among majestic mountains. During the winter I photograph everything from extreme ski descents

to tranquil moments of clearing storms to quiet ski approaches through sastrugi carved bowls.

I was born and raised in Ridgway,CO. I have a bachelor of science in graphic arts. After setting up a

graphics company in Ridgway, Colorado I pursued my passion of photography. I am self taught through

perseverance and many outings in search of perfect light and composition. Many of my photographs

are taken using a technical medium format camera. I love the slow process of this technique and feel

that the end result is of the upmost quality. I currently use Phase One’s A-Series 100 megapixel camera.

For my ski photography I use Canon’s 5dsr 50 megapixel camera for its portability and weather resistant


This past year I have really enjoyed painting on top of my photographs, since I already print on canvas it

seemed to make sense and love the process of creating with my hands using color and shape to enrich

the photo and to add abstract elements.

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