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shauna tewksbury: love in the time of corona

Opens October 6, 2020

We have art in order not to die from the truth.


I do not consider myself a photographer in the traditional sense, however photography is usually where I begin my image-making journey. An inspiration for my work is a love for the mysteries of our natural world.  I am interested in conveying the quiet beauty of nature, the wonder of the birds in flight, or the chance to just look at something closely. The pieces on display are a combination of my images printed on Japanese Asuka paper with thin layers of encaustic medium with a touch oil pigments, gold leaf and ceracolor paints. Many of these images are made with a flatbed scanner as the camera. All the animals or insects you see here were brought to me dead already, by friends or family members.  Some people have ice cream in their freezer and some people have boxes labeled “not chocolate”.



Shauna Tewksbury is a Ridgway resident who works as a tipi painter for the Colorado Yurt Company.  When she is not painting tipis, she enjoys exploring the mountains on her mountain bike or skis and creating art.

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