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lisa ellison-

"Scenic Overview: Landscapes of the West"

August 2020

As long as I can remember, I’ve always had this soul- searching need for the truth – a longing to get to the very essence of things. In my paintings I aim to take the viewer to the heart of the matter right along with me - to experience a saturation of the senses, through line, form, texture and color. 

I paint outdoors (en plein air) in oils as much as possible, in order to experience the pure strength and spirit of the natural world. My style can be called “modified representationalism”, in that I often start with a somewhat detailed rendering of the subject, followed by a loose and energetic use of brushwork to obtain the application of strong, pure color. This is all in an effort to express that heart swelling moment in time where the intensity of earth and sky, and the drama of contrast all conspire to impart: “Truth is Beauty, and Beauty is Truth”. I then take these plein air studies back to the studio to develop into larger works, exploring more thoroughly the nuances of the natural world, with particular emphasis on the movement of light across the landscape. 

Living in the North Fork Valley on the Western Slope in Colorado provides unlimited inspiration, and I feel daily blessed to call this corner of the world home.

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