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Kellie Day: Creatures

June 2020- Artist Meet & Greets June 12 & 19, 5:00-7:00 pm

Kellie Day’s “Creatures”, a magical expression of the creatures in Colorado through spray paint, large scale ink, collage and paint.

This exhibition examines the magic, quirkiness and personalities of the animals that inhabit our lives here in Colorado, with magical elements. By delving in to the spirit of the animals, Kellie begins with large scale illustrative lines laid down with a syringe, then layers on spray paint, collage and acrylics to deliver a powerful relationship with each animal on a deeper level than one can experience in a busy life.


About Kellie Day: I am a Ridgway based painter with a passion for spray paint, black lines and collage surprises.  My paintings mix the media I am most enamored with at the moment, and highlights the wildness and freedom in the outdoors that is our true nature.

I love to take a canvas and begin with a paint syringe to create Fluid lines with wild inhibition, and bring them to fruition with unique colors, delicacy and spiritual presence intermingled with bold quirky elements.

I find myself most inspired when I am in the outdoors in the presence of great natural beauty, and in front of artists with no inhibition whatsoever.  My past years as a Wilderness Ranger, Wildland Firefighter, and mountain climber greatly contribute to the spirit of my pieces, as does my current calmer phase of motherhood.

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