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Kellie Day

Mixed Media- Ridgway, CO

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Hi there! I'm Kellie Day

I grew up in a lot of industrial towns in the midwest.
My dad built coal-fired power plants and my mom is an artist.

I love adventuring in the mountains and deserts of the southwest. For years I worked as a US Forest Ranger and fire fighter, and climbed mountains around the world.

Although I am a lot mellower now, my adventurous spirit is a big part of the wildness of my art.

I started painting seriously when I was 40.

By seriously, I mean playfully.

My artistic medium is mixed media on canvas. I love losing myself in collage, and then sketching an image on top, and then painting over that. I take out all my energy with large, cheap paint brushes or rubber squeegees, and move acrylic paint across my many layers.

I like how the collage always ends up peeking through the painting. You never know what you might find. It could be a Sufi poem, or a saucy romance novel.

I've been lucky enough to make art for some really fun projects... like Trader Joe's greeting cards, The North Face t-shirts, and Alpinist Magazine. I'm also an Art Educator for Golden Paints.

A few years ago, I was asked to teach art at an amazing retreat out east.

That's when I discovered how much I love to inspire people who want to be more creative. I love teaching people to use different materials, explore the creative process, and discover their own artistic voices.

I'm now a Colorado mom and artist living in a mountain town with my family and our two rescue dogs. I love getting outside to hike, bike, ski and have cocktails with good friends.

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