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Weehawken Creative Arts and Ridgway Chautauqua Scoiety are proud to be members of the Alpenglow Arts Alliance, a groundbreaking collaborative of nine arts organizations in Ouray County, working together to promote each other’s events and opportunities through a unified voice. 

Alpenglow Arts Alliance includes (Ouray County Performing Arts Guild, The Sherbino Theater, The Wright Opera House, Public Art Ridgway, Mountain Air Music Series, Ridgway Concert Series, The Ridgway Creative District, Ouray County Artists Association). We are similarly-oriented organizations who have formed and joined the Alpenglow Arts Alliance for the specific purpose of promoting arts for both local community development and to promote our region as a destination for visitors. A Memorandum of Understanding has been put into effect and the (now nine) organizations meet monthly for two hours per visit to talk calendars, promotions and communications. The major result to date has been a substantial and unified presence in print and digital mediums compared to previous years

The expectation is that the promotional arm of the alliance has the potential to cover the entire region, making the arts agencies and organizations of Western Colorado a visible force and destination.

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Now Exhibiting

OutOfRange: Caroline Richardson

OutOfRange features stills drawn from Super 8 and 35mm film shot during Richardson’s 11th roundup with a ranching family in Glade Park, Colorado. Richardson rode with her Super 8 camera in one hand and her horse’s reins in the other. The resulting images evoke the movement and spirit of ranching life.

“When you get up close, the images are grainy and abstract, but if you step back they begin to unfold,” notes Richardson. “They’re very dreamy and alive, which I love. It’s like dance -- they point to something that can’t be spoken.”

Richardson paints thin layers of umber and deep red over her Super 8 stills, casting veils between the viewer and the subjects, which include cowboys and horses, fence posts and hood ornaments -- signs and symbols of western life that point to the deeper currents in Richardson’s creative practice since retiring from The National Ballet of Canada.

“I was so moved by this way of traveling across and into~especially in deep connection to/with the power and mystery of horse and land,” said Richardson. “Art has so much to give back to the world, and for me that’s preservation of the wild.”

OutOfRange will be on exhibition in 610 Arts Collective’s main gallery throughout October. Swing by Thursday, October 10th between 6:10pm and 9:00pm to celebrate the exhibition, hear live Mountain Music, and meet the artist. The gallery is regularly open weekdays, 10am - 5pm, and on weekend mornings.