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To The Muse

Jacob Lambert

Opening Reception

Monday, February3rd

6:10-8:10 pm

"To The Muse" is a a collection of still photos taken by Jacob Lambert during his time filming in Cuba. The artist reception will feature both the stills from his time in Cuba as well as a screening of the short film he shot with young adults he met in his travels.

Bound by fear and led by the whisper of his muse, a young Cuban musician discovers the power of forgiveness as the key to his creative freedom. In order to forgive, he must first venture on a sobering journey of self-discovery, exploring the pain of broken relationships, the fear of his uncertain and changing future, and his desire to break free from a culture nuanced in tradition.

Watch the trailer HERE

Artist Statement:
If there's anything I've learned in my travels, it's that we are fundamentally united by our need for meaning, for purpose, for love. Stories speak to satisfy that need, the human narrative that gives shape to all culture, faith, our celebrations and our grievings. After a few trips to Cuba, visually journaling my experiences and creating portraits of people I met, I snuck past a large metal gate, where I could hear the rhythmic thumping of a basketball and where I met the Crespo Kids, a group of young and charismatic teenagers living in the heart of Centro, Habana's poorest neighborhood. At that time, I had no idea our relationship would blossom and grow into brotherhood, and that eventually the film we would create together, To The Muse, would speak to these universal truths, a story of fatherhood, of loss and forgiveness. Alongside the stories I observed and heard during my travels to the island prior to making the film, the still images from this collection served as a visual diary, informing much of the narrative we chose to tell and the locations I chose to shoot. I am forever indebted to these kids and this community. They've treated me like a brother.

Artist Bio:
Jacob is a photographer, DP, and aspiring director whose photography has evolved to become a visual celebration of diversity, the believe that, when admired and not ignored, our differences can elevate human consciousness and encourage unity. His work has taken him around the world to almost fifty countries for a variety of commercial, editorial, and documentary projects, travels that have shaped much of his approach and the ethos for his work. Throughout his career, he's committed to shooting his still images on medium format and 35mm film, a medium that has directly informed his process, intimately bonding him to his subjects with an acute awareness of color and light.

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