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Mountain Canyon Colours In Paper and Ink

Anna Tewes

Opening Reception

Sunday, March 8 6:10-8:10 pm

“The beauty of working with handmade papers is that the inherent variety and beauty of texture help create images that easily imitate nature.”
Anna Tewes

As an artist and collector of papers, Anna uses the finest hand-made, cottage industry papers around the world. She also creates her own surface design and marbled papers,
She cuts, tears, and layers papers together creating unique pieces of art.

Anna has a little love affair with each of her pieces. She works from photographs of local landscapes, studio models, and from her imagination. Nature expresses itself in form, texture and contrasts. Anna’s artwork seems to blend well with home building materials such as granite, wood and marble.

Anna has visited cottage industries in paper making in Japan and Italy and was fascinated to learn how these papers were created. While traveling she has collected a vast amount of International papers. Anna offers one- day workshops regularly. Her students are astonished with the variety and beauty of papers offered.

Anna has a graphic design background and approaches her work with strong emphasis in design, composition and color.
Anna is a resident of Montrose Colorado and was raised on the Western Slope.

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