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Kellie Day
COLORFUL COLORADO, a Tribute to the town we love
June 2-29

I am in love with our southwest corner of Colorado. In the 25 years I’ve lived here, I’ve witnessed the crown jewel Mt Sneffels keep watch over us, while down below birds explode with song after the long winters.
Our river trail guards geese as they teach their goslings to swim. And throughout town, crows sit on fenceposts and gossip, and the memory of roosters in back of town buildings lives on. The color of flowers poking their heads up quench our thirsty eyes with color, after months of hybernation.
My latest works feature the push of new and deeper color palettes to convey a distinct energy in each piece. I am pushing the form to be looser and even abstract at times, to focus on the majesty of the simple beauty we are surrounded by every day here, and sometimes humor and whimsy. It’s my hope that as you look at these images, you’ll feel that energy.
Gold highlights and lines adorned quiet areas of these paintings, and convey the magic and spirit of this place we call home. All pieces are original works created with acrylics, collage and mixed media.

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