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The Imagined Landscape: Place meets Purpose

March 2022

Daniel Kanow is a visual artist and art coach who lives and works in Telluride, Co. Kanow’s imaginative landscapes represent the ethos of breaking through and finding connection to a sense of place and sense of purpose. His process builds multi-layered pieces of art, based on story and experience, which are dynamic, rich, textured, and contemplative. He works with aggressive and energetic mark-making, applies large amounts of paint, and uses pallet knives, large brushes, and other non-traditional instruments in both additive and subtractive methods to construct and deconstruct his compositions. Daniel creates his art both in plein aire and in studio, where he works on canvas, panel, and fiberglass to create layers of depth and translucency by building a rich and visual narrative history to the landscapes he thrives in.

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