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cie hoover: woodshedding

September 4-October 3, 2020

Commonly used by musicians, “woodshedding” is a term that conveys intense practice and honing one's craft. As a professional musician along with my wife Karisa in the duo You Knew Me When, my foray into visual art, and more specifically wood-based art, has been a journey rooted in discovering, refining, and honing my abilities to utilize wood as an artistic medium. My aim with the pieces in this exhibit is to enhance the innate beauty found in wood and to highlight three predominant themes found in my art: 


Balance - as showcased through delicate sculptures 

Sound - as showcased through wooden sound waves

and Nature - as showcased through various carvings of mountains and landscapes


Through balance we can discover peace, through sound we can discover love, through nature we can discover ourselves, and in the “woodshed” we can discover art. 


About Cie:

Artist, musician, husband. Cie Hoover lives in Ouray, Colorado, otherwise known as the "Switzerland of America.” In addition to performing alongside his wife Karisa in the folk-rock duo You Knew Me When, Cie has always had a passion for the visual arts. After working in the Nashville music industry for over a decade, and then touring full-time for six and a half years throughout North America with You Knew Me When, Cie rekindled his love of the visual arts amongst the San Juan Mountains. 

After buying and remodeling an old 1898 mining house in Ouray, Cie discovered the versatility of wood as an artistic medium and began transforming his garage into his woodworking studio. He utilizes wood in nearly every aspect of the art that he creates. From wooden canvases, to carved and crafted sculptures, much of Cie’s art is inspired by the mountains of Colorado and the music he creates, including the occasional use of sound waves as an artistic element and subtle dictation of what the work embodies. 


"Woodworking is tactical art form, and I use it as a means to stay connected with the natural elements that surround me. Through nature I find art. Through art I find balance. And, through balance I find peace.” - Cie


Learn more about Cie at 

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