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Interested in a Solo Exhibition

or having a selection of your work featured in the gallery shop?

Read below to learn about how it works...

The gallery space at 610 Clinton Street is at the heart of the Ridgway Creative District!  The 610 Arts Collective is surrounded by great restaurants is currently across the street from several creative studios and creative spaces.  Ridgway's Space to Create project & gallery is just across the street too!

Some Background on our space

In 2018, The Ridgway Chautauqua/Sherbino (a nonprofit 501c3 owner and operator of The Sherbino) took an exciting leap to expand its campus by purchasing the building at 610 Clinton Street -- right next to the Sherbino. The space was meant originally to potentially link to the Sherbino building and house a shared staff team and their administrative offices. However, after some engineering studies, the organization quickly realized that linking the two buildings was going to be incredibly expensive and would likely not the best use of valuable donor funds.  

The Sherbino has had a shared staff team with Weehawken Creative Arts since 2014, and in 2018 (upon the 610 purchase), the shared staff team moved their offices from a rented space in Ridgway to what is now known as the 610 Arts Collective.  The 610 Arts Collective name was adopted -- a symbol of a collective of arts organizations and arts programs (shared offices, shared meeting space, shared classroom space, etc).  By the fall of 2018, the two organizations agreed that there was entirely too much potential that could be tapped into with the storefront spaces of 610 Clinton -- and the concept of a gallery was born.   


The 610 Arts Collective has two street-front gallery rooms.  The smaller room is referred to as the "Exhibition Space" and the larger room is referred to as The Gallery Shop.  The exhibition space features an scheduled artist or group of artists from March through mid-November each year (and within that time frame, there are 2 "open" community shows:  The 610 Open (mid-April - May) and a Themed Open-Call Show (Oct-mid-Nov).  From mid-November through February, the full space acts as an expanded "Gallery Shop" with more of a (price point) focus on gift giving (Thanksgiving through Valentine's Month).

The 610 Arts Collective Gallery is a shared program of two nonprofits.  On the surface, it's just one space -- but on the backside, there's a split that benefits the two separate nonprofit organizations differently. Commission-based sales benefit the Sherbino and wholesale sales benefit Weehawken Creative Arts.  While the Sherbino is the active building owner and operator, Weehawken is the active business manager for the gallery program.

It's important to note that The 610 Arts Collective is just one of MANY programs administered by the very small shared staff team.  In fact, Weehawken Creative Arts cultivates over 470 programs a year all over the region (Ridgway, Ouray, Montrose) -- mostly all arts education, as well as one major arts festival.  The Sherbino cultivates over 120 programs a year ranging from live music to film to poetry to theater to speakers and more. The two organizations also collaboratively cultivate two major community events annually (The Ridgway Fete de la Musique and The Ridgway 1k/Barrel Fest). We make this note because it's important for artists to be aware that the staff team is not solely running a gallery space. The gallery is often opened and run by volunteers. It's important to allow time for responses

To apply for a Solo Exhibition:


To apply for a selection of your work to be featured in the 610 gallery shop:


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