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Interested in a Solo Exhibition, or having a selection of your work featured in the gallery shop?

Read below to learn about how it works...

In 2019, the Ridgway Chautauqua Society (owner and operator of The Sherbino Theater) and Weehawken Creative Arts took an exciting leap by purchasing the building on Clinton Street next to the Sherbino. It now functions as an art exhibition space as well as the Weehawken and RCS headquarters!  The building is called "The 610 Arts Collective."  


There are two street-front spaces in the building:  one space that acts as a gallery with cash and carry items, and the other space will be a 3-4 week solo or group exhibition space. 


The gallery space at 610 Clinton Street is at the heart of the Ridgway Creative District!  Ridgway has a new street landscaped downtown historic district that has turned the streets of Ridgway into a tourist destination.   The 610 Arts Collective is surrounded by great restaurants is currently across the street from several creative studios and creative spaces.  By 2022, there will be an official "Space to Create" structure across the street as well!  

To apply for a Solo Exhibition:


To apply for a selection of your work to be featured in the 610 gallery shop:


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